Weider Ultimate Body Works vs Total Gym: Which is better?

In this post, we are going to discuss the hard challenging battle between Weider Ultimate Body Works vs Total Gym machines.

The idea of building a home gym or a garage gym is an incredible one. It has much more benefits than to go to a commercial gym. It is affordable, time-saver, and more friendly.

But, every time you think of how do are you going to build a home gym in this tiny basement, you get frustrated and you just take the easy road and subscribe to a commercial gym.

Fortunately, now you have heard about Weider Ultimate Body Works and Total Gym. These machines save you a lot of space and come at reasonable and affordable prices.

Instead of buying different pieces of equipment at higher prices and not only that, they require much more space, you will get one of those advanced home gyms, and you are all set.

These home gym machines use your body weight as resistance and usually offer external resistance with different levels, you can perform several with these pieces of equipment. Actually, you can perform nearly more than 40 different exercises for different muscle groups.

Weider Ultimate Body Works Overview

Weider Ultimate Body Works Black/Red, Standard

The Weider Ultimate Body Works is from the best-selling pieces of equipment made by the Weider company. The Weider Ultimate Body Works is a famous and popular home gym that has a very good reputation and very few negative reviews. This is an indication of being a high-quality product!

The Weider Ultimate Body Works is a bodyweight-based home gym that you can many exercises with. With this machine, you would expect yourself to be able to do more than 50 exercises.

For both upper and lower body, meaning that you will target your whole body muscles with the least amount of machines and the least space taken in your apartment or home.

The Weider Ultimate Body Works comes at an affordable and reasonable price, so do not worry about its cost. You will get a lot of great benefits and spend the least money.

This bodyweight home-gym uses your body weight as the main resistance but also has 7 external resistance levels of 50lbs.

Meaning that if you have trained with your bodyweight enough that you feel that it is easy now, you would be able to increase the weight using the external resistance levels, allowing yourself to progress and offer enough stimulus for your muscles.

With the Weider Ultimate Body Works, you will have many features that give you a variety of choices when it comes to exercises and training. You are able to adjust the incline setting, the resistance levels, expand the bench for different lengths of users, and many more!

Total Gym Overview

Total Gym 1400 Deluxe Home Fitness Exercise Machine Equipment with Workout DVD

The Total Gym is a company that specializes in rehabilitation centers, it made its mark by aiding people through various injuries. The Total Gym home gyms pieces of equipment are among the most famous ones because they are endorsed and used by many celebrities including Chuck Norris and Christie Brinkley!

The Total Gym brand is the manufacturer for many models of bodyweight home gyms. Because of that, we got a little confused when it comes to comparing one of them to the Weider Ultimate Body Works.

There are expensive models such as the Total Gym XLS and there are cheaper models such as the Total gym 1100 and 1400.

Because the Weider Ultimate Body Works home gym is not expensive and comes at an affordable price, we should compare it to a machine that has a similar price.

It is not reasonable to compare it to a machine such as the XLS which is in a higher price range. Obviously, the Total Gym 1100 & 1400 are the option.

The Total Gym 1100 & 1400 offer a bodyweight-based resistance system with no external resistance.

With these machines, you can expect yourself to be able to do more than 60 different exercises ranging from cardio to strength training to stretching. Allowing yourself to work your major muscle groups and your full body too.

Weider Ultimate Body Works vs Total Gym Comparison


Weider Ultimate Body Works

Weider is a huge company that does not only produce gym pieces of equipment, but also nutritional supplements that aid in muscle gain, recovery, fat loss, and different goals.

The Weider company was started by the famous late Joe Weider, the man behind the greatness of our fitness industry.

Joe Weider was the person who started the famous Mr.Olympia contest, the most famous competition in bodybuilding.

Also, he managed to start several fitness magazines, that we used to get every little information about fitness and bodybuilding. Not only that, but he also was the coach that believed in Arnold Schwarzenegger and trained him to the big show of Mr.O!

By that being said, Weider is a respectable company that produces high-quality products, that’s for sure.

Total Gym

The Total Gym company is a popular company that produces fitness training pieces of equipment only. Unlike the Weider company, it specializes in the equipment field.

It is a popular brand in the rehabilitation industry, you can find it in rehab centers, physical therapy centers, hospitals, and home exercisers.

The total gym brand has been around since 1974, it is pretty old and has a great reputation among users. It has sold over 5 million units over 85 countries if that tells you something.

The brand was popularized even more when Chuck Norris and Christie Brinkley endorsed it as the best fitness equipment they have ever used. Since then, the total gym has been the way to go for many people.


Weider Ultimate Body Works

The Weider Ultimate Body Works has a unique design that when you first glance at it, you get attracted automatically. The home-gym has a telescoping design that allows the bench to collapse and expand. In other words, it allows you to have a variety of exercises and allows people of different heights to workout comfortably with it.

Also, it has the feature of being a SpaceSaver. The space-savvy design it is made of allows you to stow the equipment under your bed or in a closet easily without worrying about anything. What is not as good in the Weider Ultimate Body Works design is that you can’t add any external attachments such as a squat stand or a leg pull accessory.

The Weider Ultimate Body Works comes with foam-padded nylon straps that are attached to a steel cable with a pulley system allowing you to perform a great number of exercises.

Moreover, it comes in a standard black and red color, which is a good combination and looks just fine.

Total Gym

Unlike the Weider Ultimate Body Works, Total Gym does not offer the same telescoping design. However, it features a vertical bar with adjustable incline levels which are good to perform different exercises with different intensities.

The Total Gym bodyweight trainer offers the same straps as the Weider Body Works but with smoother motion and a bigger range of motion.


Weider Ultimate Body Works

The Weider Ultimate Body Works has great functionality that makes it from the best home-gyms in the world. The telescoping design it has allows you to change the height and the expanding of the bench, which adds or removes intensity from your exercise.

Moreover, with this full-body bodyweight trainer, you can perform more than 60+ exercises for different muscle groups. In other words, you will have enough exercises under your belt to target your whole body. The Weider Ultimate Body Works has a great advantage, which is the ability to add 4 resistance bands, which offer more resistance to your workouts of about 50lbs.

The home gym also is easy-assembling and can be stored easily anywhere.

Total Gym

The Total Gym 1100 and 1400 models offer a great number of exercises which you can perform, the exercises which can be done on them exceeds 60 exercise which is very good.

With the vertical bar, you can adjust the bench in any incline setting you would like to. By doing so, you will either increase or decrease the intensity of the exercise you are doing.

However, the 1400 model gives you a little bit more exercise variation because of the attachments. It comes with a dip bar and a squat stand which adds in the number of exercises.

However, if you would like to have more exercises to do, the XLS model offers more than 80 exercises but of course, at a higher price.

Weight Capacity

Weider Ultimate Body Works

The big downside for Weider Ultimate Body Works is the weight capacity. As we know, the bigger the weight capacity is, the better the machine. This concept applies to any machine that is ever made.

The weight capacity tells you how stable it is, how durable it is, and what materials it has been made of.

The Weider Ultimate Body Works has a weight capacity of 250lbs. Meaning that it can withstand up to 250lbs, more than that it might become dangerous to workout with.

However, most people are going to work out with this piece of equipment safely without a problem. If you are close to the 250-220lbs range, consider buying a machine with a higher weight capacity for your safety.

Total Gym

The Total Gym 1100 and 1400 models have a weight limit capacity of 275lbs, which is greater than Weider Ultimate Body Works. However, some people said that they used them with a higher weight capacity. For your own safety, do not work out with these pieces of equipment if you are above 275lbs.

For the sake of comparison, if you are someone that is higher than 220lbs, you will be better off with the total gym machines.

Cost to benefit ratio

Weider Ultimate Body Works

The Weider Ultimate Body Works as we said before, is a full-body trainer that is well-priced. It has a reasonable price in the range of 100-200$.

With the many features it has, from doing 60+ exercises to the compact and telescoping design, and let us not forget the big A to this machine which is the ability to add 4 resistance bands.

It is a very popular option for those who have a limited budget but not only them, every one. However, because there is no such thing as “perfect”, Weider Ultimate Body Works does have a few limited downsides.

The low weight capacity is one and the short warranty is second. It has only a 90-days warranty, which is short compared to other models.

Total Gym

The Total Gym 1100 and 1400 models are quite close to the Weider Ultimate Body Works. Both of the models range in the 100-250$ price, with the 1400 model at the higher price range. They are reasonably priced and are quite affordable too.

However, they have an advantage over the Weider Ultimate Body Works which guarantees your money more, which is the warranty. The total gym models have a warranty of 1-year, which is not so long but at least longer than the Weider Ultimate Body Works’ warranty.



Finally, we have discussed various aspects that confuse people about the Weider Ultimate Body Works and the Total Gym home-gym machines. From the functionality and exercises to the brand reputation and the price to benefit ratio.

Read the comparisons carefully and decide which one of them suits you best. They both are quite respectable and decent ones, whichever you are going to choose, you will never regret it.

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