Substitute For Jump Rope: Shin-Friendly Exercises

Rope jumping is considered one of the healthiest and best exercises to burn calories and improve overall health. It is great for everyone as you it requires minimal equipment and is easy to follow.

However, some people might be better off avoiding doing it. In this post, we will list the best substitute for jump rope.

People with knee pain, for example, would get hurt when doing the jump rope as it is a high-impact exercise and would harm the knees even more.

Some substitutes are low-impact, allow for recovery, and easier on the joints.

Another reason is boredom. When you do a specific exercise for a long time, you get bored with it, and you will face a lack of motivation.

At best, you will stop doing the jump rope, and you will start searching for a substitute. At worst, you will stop working out.

Here, we will list the best substitutes for the jump rope so you can get the same results with different exercises.

Substitute For Jump Rope & Alternatives You Can Try

1. Jumping Jacks

Jumping jacks is a very popular exercise that is done in various fitness classes all over the world. It is an exercise that targets the same muscle groups as the jump rope, the quads, hamstrings, glutes, calves, but also the arms.

The jumping jack movement involves the arms and shoulders, which is a big plus to the exercise.

Why you should do it

Jumping jacks is a must-to-do exercise because it burns a lot of calories. When you move your whole body, you burn more calories than just moving your legs.

Also, you should do it because it involves jumping similarly to the jump rope. So if you are bored of the jump rope, this is a similar movement with the same benefits.

How to do it

To do it, stand with your feet together and your hands by your side, all at a time, jump with feet on your side wider than your shoulder-width by a little bit and raise your hands over your head height.

Finish by jumping back to get your feet together and lower your hands to your side. Repeat for 15-20 reps at a time.

2. Squat Jumps

Squat jumps exercise is a lower body-focused exercise that involves jumping and squatting at the same time. The squat is called the king of exercises because it involves many muscles and very effective at building muscles.

It works similarly to the jump rope as it involves jumping and adds to it some muscle stimulation by squatting.

Why you should do it

It would help if you did squat jumps simply because it is very effective for different goals. In other words, the squat jumps exercise is very effective at building the leg muscles and toning them.

Also, it is very good at burning fat and burning calories.

How to do it

To start, stand with your feet at shoulder-width, hinge at your butt, and lower it down until your hamstrings are parallel to the floor at a 90-degree angle, get up by explosive power, and jump.

When you come back to the floor, squat down, jump, and so on.

3. Running in Place

Running in place as it seems so easy, but yet it is so effective. Running in place is the same as running or jogging but without actually running an inch. It saves you space and time as you won’t need to go to the park or the sports club to run.

Why you should do it

Running in place is a great exercise as it is a low-impact exercise meaning that it won’t hurt your knees, and it allows for recovery and little to no fatigue.

In other words, older people and those who are just returning from a knee injury would benefit from it the most.

Also, it burns many calories, which will help you lose weight and achieve your physical goals.

How to do it

To start, stand with your feet at shoulder-width, bend your back a little bit while on your upper part of your feet, start running in place while moving your arms.

4. High Knees

High knees is an exercise that involves the core, the hips, and all the leg muscles. It is a very effective exercise that needs dedication and consistency, and it would definitely give you results.

However, it is not a low-impact exercise meaning that if you have knee pain, you should avoid overdoing it.

Why you should do it

High knees are another great alternative to the jump rope as it will improve your fitness levels and burn fat. As it is a vigorous exercise, it will burn you many calories, which will result in burning fat.

Also, you should do it because it involves your abs and core, unlike the jump rope.

How to do it

To start, stand with your feet at hip-width and your hands in the air in front of you. Start by raising one knee to your chest by touching the one hand that is in the air.

Once it landed on the floor, raise the other knee. Keep doing this movement in harmony, and only one leg should be on the floor at a time.


To wrap it up, Knee injury, boredom, and lack of motivation are not a motive for you to stop training or to stop doing any exercise.

If the jump rope is your favorite exercise and you saw a lot of great results doing it, but you are bored of it, many alternatives would get you the same results.

We have listed the best alternatives and substitutes for the jump rope. Read carefully, try each exercise, and see what suits you best.

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