Buff Dudes 12 Week Program Review

As someone fond of fitness and training, you would definitely know Buff dudes.

Most people that go to the gym or who are passionate about fitness and have plans and goals to achieve would watch Youtube videos to learn more about the sport and get more information.

In the journey of looking for information, you probably have passed through the Buff Dudes channel. In this post, we will review the Buff dudes 12-week training program.

When looking for a training program to follow, you see many programs from different people, and you don’t know which program to follow to get results and achieve your goal. We all have been there, and it is really difficult to decide.

But now, you can have all the fitness websites available on the internet to search and read reviews about any training program you would like to. On this mission, you would see that the Buff dudes 12-week program is an interesting one.

Commonly, people tend to go for the biggest and the most muscular guys to follow their training programs.

And Buff Dudes, of course, is a big one.

Buff Dudes has been helping people with his informative videos from a long time ago. He has been around for many years, making informative videos about training, nutrition, and exercise techniques.

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Buff Dudes 12 Week Program Overview

The Buff dudes 12-week program is a resistance training program to help people achieve their physical goals easier and more efficiently.

As the man himself is a fitness expert, you are ensured that you get a well-studies program to help you achieve your goals.

The program is a 4-phase program that could be done either at home or at the gym—the problem with home training that you won’t have all the equipment and space needed to exercise.

For example, if you have to do barbell conventional deadlifts, many people won’t have that kind of space to do it. And if they have space, they might not have the equipment.

To solve this problem, either you handle the situation with creativity or go to a commercial gym to get better results and be consistent with the program.

An example of creativity in the deadlift situation might be exercising with a dumbbell instead of the barbell. You will do the same variation but with a different kind of equipment.


The Buff dudes 12-week program has 4 phases in which you progress to. It starts with Phase 1, an easy phase and the stepping stone for the other phases. The first phase could be done at home due to the minimal equipment and specification it has. The rest of the phases could be hard to be followed at home.

The phases work to start with minimal training aspects and increase them with each phase to allow for progress. The aspects of training are volume, frequency, and intensity.

These 3 aspects are who control your entire training program. For frequency and volume, you start with 3 days of training per week in phase 1 and end with 6 days of training per week in phase 4.

The increase in the training frequency automatically increases the volume and intensity as you will have more time to workout and split the exercises. You need to increase the volume and frequency as time goes on because your body adapts to the current volume so it won’t grow.

You need to challenge your body regularly and give it higher stimulation to adapt again and grow.

Who is it good for?

The Buff dudes 12-week program is made for dedicated people who have the “sky is the limit” mentality. It is for people who want to change their body shape completely and build muscle and lose fat. Not only that, but it is made for people who want to gain strength too.

After following the program, many people realized that it is hard for them, especially beginners. As the program progresses quickly, that won’t suit a beginner. It is not the best option for beginners.

If you are an intermediate or an advanced lifter who wants to take your body to the next level, the Buff dudes 12-week program is good for you.


Builds Muscle

One of the best advantages of the Buff dudes training program is that it really builds muscle. Many programs claim that it will build you muscle, but no muscle is built after trying it.

The Buff dudes 12-week program provides you with adequate volume and intensity that will stimulate your muscles hard enough to build them.

Builds Strength

As the program is consistent with doing deadlifts, squats, and bench presses, it would definitely build some strength. While it is not specified for strength gains, it has been shown to increase your strength and muscle mass.

Can be done at home

The Buff dudes 12-week program could be done at home, unlike many programs that need specific machines. The first two phases are easily done at home as it does not have specific exercises that will only be available at the gym.

So, you could start the program at home, and as it advances, you advance and go to a local gym.

A lot of information

The Buff dudes 12-week program offers you a lot of information regarding the program, including videos on how to exercise. This helps you to be consistent with the program and to do everything right and not to slip.


Not suitable for beginners

The Buff dudes 12-week program is not made for beginners as it is somehow hard on them and could cause injuries. Beginners would start with a less intense program first then transition to this program.

The reason why it might be hard for beginners is the 3rd and 4th phases. As it is a 4-phase program, you can’t just follow the first two phases and end the program.

The 3rd and 4th phases have a very high volume that would be too much for a beginner. Beginners need to do low to moderate volume with minimal frequency to achieve great results and not burn themselves out.

Some long routines

This training program, especially the first two phases, has some long routines that could last for an hour.

While it is not a big problem, people who are on a busy schedule would find it difficult to keep up with the program. To solve this problem, you might think of doing supersets to finish the workout quickly.

Fast progression

Another big disadvantage of this training program is that it follows a fast progression scheme. From phase to phase, you progress so fast that you could get injured or get huge muscle damage at once.

More steady progression is preferred when programming for muscle growth, but of course, fast progression gives you results too.


In Conclusion, the Buff dudes 12-week program is a program made for people who want to build muscle and achieve their physical goals. It is a 4-phase program that follows a fast progression approach to training to let the body progress and adapt to a new stimulus.

Like any program, it has its pros and cons. We have discussed every little detail about the program. All you have to do is to read carefully and find out whether it suits you or not.

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