Bosu Ball Squats: What Are They and How To Do Them

When you go to a commercial gym to workout, you have a wide range of options when talking about machines and gym pieces of equipment.

Machines, cables, dumbbells, and barbells are the most popular. But did you ever think about Bosu balls? In this post, we will talk about and discuss every little detail on the Bosu ball squats.

Bosu balls became very popular in the regular fitness community because it looks unique. Unlike regular machines, working out with a Bosu ball looks mysterious and unique!

Bosu balls were used in physical therapy sessions and injury rehab matters. As time moves on, Bosu balls became popular in regular training.

Bosu balls could be very convenient and effective when it comes to general fitness. You could perform a lot of movements with a Bosu ball, which could be your whole workout.

Instead of buying many pieces of equipment, the Bosu ball could do most work.

What are Bosu Ball Squats?

Bosu Ball Squats is nearly the most famous exercise that is done with the Bosu ball. The squat itself is known as “the king of exercises” in the fitness community, and that’s for a reason.

The squat is mandatory in certain sports such as powerlifting, weightlifting, and CrossFit. For that reason, many people tend to do the squat and progress with it.

Bosu ball squats are also done in several fitness classes. For example, Swimmers include the Bosu ball squats in their regular gym training routine because of its benefits. I

n general, the Bosu ball offers an unstable surface to lift in, which increases the stimulus in certain muscles.

Bosu ball squats are a popular exercise because it is a challenging one. Being unstable challenges your muscles and mind to keep you stable and prevent you from falling.

This idea has its pros and cons, and we will talk about that later in the post.

Muscles targeted by Bosu Ball squats

The squat as an exercise is a compound movement that involves a big percentage of the muscle groups in our bodies. Mainly, the squat targets the quads, hamstrings, and glutes.

By using a barbell to do the squat, the core is involved to a small degree to help in stabilizing our bodies. But with the Bosu ball, it is different.

The Bosu ball squats are different from the regular squat because you are on an unstable surface. Your body is threatened to fall at any second.

As a result, your core muscles, which include your abs and lower back, work tremendously to keep you stabilized. That helps in losing weight and getting shredded abs as it will work hard to stabilize your body.

Your other stabilizing muscles, such as the adductors and abductors, would also get stimulated to prevent your body from falling. That’s why the Bosu ball squats are popular. It is challenging, hard, and fun.

How to do Bosu Ball Squats

To do the Bosu ball squats, you need to have enough space for the ball and a space to have your arm straightened out to the sides freely.

To start, put the ball side of the Bosu ball on the floor.

Stand on the flat side with your feet in hip-width or a little bit wider. The wider your feet are, the more stable you are. So, for beginners, keep your feet distant. As you progress, keep getting your feet closer to each other to challenge your stability more.

After standing on the ball, hinge at your hips while lowering your body and bending your knees.

Keep your back straight, your chest up, and engage your core to ensure that you are stable enough not to fall.

Keep squatting until your hamstrings are parallel to the floor at a 90-degree angle with the back of your knees. Get up by pushing through the heels and repeat for 10-15 reps.


Core Activation

What is so good about the Bosu ball squats exercise is that it doesn’t only work the legs but also works the core.

Because it is unstable, your body fights for stability by engaging the core. By engaging the core, you won’t need to do specific core exercises to increase its stability because it is already working with the Bosu ball.


Bodyweight-based exercises are good because they do not need many pieces of equipment, and they are quite effective.

For the Bosu ball squats, you will only need the ball that comes at an affordable price, and that’s it. Other squat variations need to be loaded with weights to be effective, unlike this variation, as it is hard enough with your own body weight.

General Fitness

Another advantage of the Bosu ball squats is that it increases the general fitness for the general population that wants to lose weight and have a healthy lifestyle.

It is a good exercise for you to lose weight and tone your body with minimal load and equipment.


Injury Risk

As you are standing on an unstable surface, it is possible to fall or get injured in your muscles or knees.

As many experts say, each rep is not the same as the next on the Bosu ball. Try to perfect your form to decrease the injury risk and have a safe workout.

Not Strength Specific

The Bosu ball squats are not a strength specific exercise like the regular squat, as it won’t increase your squat strength.

So, as a powerlifter or a weightlifter, doing the Bosu ball squat won’t translate to your sport’s specific performance.


Final Thoughts

In Conclusion, the Bosu ball squat is a popular exercise that has many purposes, including increasing general fitness, fat loss, and increasing stability.

Like any exercise, it has its pros and its cons. We have discussed every little detail regarding the exercise.

All you have to do is read carefully, see if it suits you, and you will be ready to achieve your goals!

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