Best Speed Bag For Apartment: 5 Picks For Small Spaces

If you are deep into the fitness industry, movies industry, or boxing in general, you would definitely know what a speed bag is.

A speed bag is a piece of equipment that is found in commercial gyms but most commonly in fighting boxes. It is an essential tool for many fighters and martial arts players.

In this post, we are going to list the best speed bag for apartments.

Speed bags, unlike punching bags, are small, often light bags that are important to boxers, MMA players, and fighters in general. The problem is, some people can not go to a fighting box because of its cost.

They prefer to get their own pieces of equipment at home. This is why speed bags are good for an apartment.

Also, when anybody mention speed bag, you will definitely say Creed or any movie related to Sylvester Stallone while speed bags can also be beneficial to regular people.

Speed bags come in different sizes, different materials, and different constructions in general. We are going to list its benefits first, then we are going to talk about its different aspects and what you should look for when buying one.

How important is the speed bag?

A speed bag is very beneficial to fighters and boxers but also anyone wishing to train. It gets you fit and increases your fitness levels in general, not only specific fitness to boxing.

It is an important tool for your home because it is a tiny piece of equipment and does not take much space at all. We are going to list each importance and discuss it in detail.

Speed bags are compact

Speed bags are great pieces of equipment for apartments because they are compact and do not take much space at all.

Speed bags are fast

Because speed bags are small and often light, they move very fast when you punch them resulting in a fast reaction from you to either swing away from the bag before it hits you, or hit it back quickly. Boxers regularly train with the speed bag to increase the punching speed and to increase their reaction speed as well.

Speed bags improve hand-eye coordination

Hand-Eye Coordination often called “punching rhythm” is another important function of speed bags. When you hit the speed bag, it swings back to you very quickly, which requires you to hit back and keep hitting and punching in a rhythm so it doesn’t hit you and to prevent yourself from hitting the air.

It connects your hand speed and direction with your eye and let them work together more efficiently.

Speed bags are great aerobic exercise

Because speed bags test your speed, it is a great aerobic exercise to include in your cardio session as a normal non-boxer person. If you have ever tried to workout with a speed bag, you will notice that after a few minutes, you will get beat up and your heart will be pumping very fast. This is a sign that speed bags train your heart and lungs to increase their capacity.

Speed bags develop accuracy

Accuracy is another benefit of the speed bag because you won’t be punching the air, right? Because they are small and fast, they require you to hit them properly in place and by that, they train your hit accuracy and increase it.

Best Speed Bag for Apartment: Top Picks

1.TITLE Boxing Gyro Balanced Speed Bag

TITLE Boxing Gyro Balanced Speed Bags, Black, Small

The TITLE Boxing Speed Bag is considered one of the best speed bags on the market. It is positively reviewed because of its reasonable price and high-quality construction.

The TITLE Boxing Speed bag is constructed from high-quality genuine leather that won’t get torn out or wear out quickly.

For that reason, it will last longer and is durable to high-intensity training and frequent use. From the inside, the inner bladder is made of rubber, the most durable material to be made of.

Rubber makes this speed bag a little bit heavier, however, you won’t feel a difference.

What is so special about this speed bag is that it is made of Gyro-Balanced technology, a technology that makes the speed bag rebounds truly to your punch and enables a perfect punching rhythm.

It comes in 3 sizes, small, medium, and large, allowing for different people of different fitness levels to benefit from this speed bag.


  • Very durable
  • Genuine leather
  • Reasonable price
  • Rhythmic punch


  • Rubber bladder makes it heavy

Who it’s good for

The TITLE Boxing Speed Bag is good for anyone that wants an affordable speed bag that is durable and would last long. It is good for beginners and advanced boxers as it has different sizes.

Who it’s bad for

This speed bag is not good for professional and competitor boxers as it tends to be a little bit heavier because of the rubber bladder. If you do care about how light or heavy it is, consider looking for other options.

2. Pro Impact Speed bag

Pro Impact Speedbag Black - Heavy Duty Leather Hanging Swivel Punch Ball for Boxing MMA Muay Thai Fitness or Fighting Sport Training - PU and Genuine Leather

Pro Impact Speed bag is one of the best speed bags on the market for apartments as it comes at a very affordable price with the best construction materials ever.

The Pro Impact Speed bag is made of 100% genuine leather that is very durable and would hurt your hand. You could punch and workout with this speed bag 24/7 without it being torn out, that’s assures its high-quality material.

Also, its inner bladder is made of latex, unlike rubber, it might get filled out of air more quickly.

Latex makes the speed bag lighter, which benefits advanced and professional boxers more. The Pro Impact Speed bag is a pear-shaped bag, which is crucial to boxers and MMA fighters.

The bag comes in three different sizes, medium, small, and X-small. Because it does not have a large size, it is made especially for intermediates, advanced, and competitor boxers and fighters as well.


  • Cheap
  • Lightweight
  • Genuine leather


  • No large size
  • Latex may not be very durable

Who it’s good for

The Pro Impact Speed bag is good for anyone that is on a limited budget wants to invest little money in a good speed bag for his/her apartment or home gym.

It is good for intermediate, advanced, and professional boxers as it is comparably small and lightweight.

Who it’s bad for

This speed bag is bad for people that are just starting their boxing careers or beginners as it does not have a large size of choice.

3.Everlast Speed Bag

No products found.

Everlast is a famous and respectable brand that is known for its boxing and martial arts pieces of equipment. The Everlast Speed bag is very popular among boxers and speed bag users.

The Everlast Speed bag is made of 100% high-quality genuine leather. Genuine leather is the most durable material for the outer shell. Especially when it is made from a respectable company, it assures you that it is really genuine, not just genuine by name.

Its inner bladder is made of rubber, which ensures that it is durable and would definitely last long with you. The problem is rubber inner bladders make the bag a lot heavier when compared to latex, making it not beneficial for advanced boxers.

This speed bag has an impressive design and color that will attract you when you first see it. It is symmetrical and balanced. The downside of this product is that it only comes in large size. So it would definitely benefit beginners, but it’s sad that beginners only would benefit from it.


  • Affordable
  • Simple and good design
  • Very durable


  • 1 size only

Who it’s good for

The Everlast Speed bag is good for anyone that is on a limited budget. Also, it is good for beginners as it has a large size along with being made of rubber which makes it heavier.

Who it’s bad for

It is not good for intermediate, advanced, and professional boxers and fighters as it only has 1 size which is large. It is heavy and big for advanced boxers to be challenging. Consider looking for other smaller and lighter options.

No products found.

4.Ringside Cleto Reyes Speed Bag

Cleto Reyes Speed Bag

The Ringside Cleto Reyes Speed bag is the definition of durability and high-quality construction. The Cleto Reyes Speed Bag is a handmade bag that is super durable and definitely worth the money.

Any product that is handmade is known to be better than machine-made, but the downside is it comes at a higher price point. The Ringside Cleto Reyes Bag is made of 100% genuine leather that could withstand years of training without being torn out.

Thanks to the handmade stitched and welting, durability is the last thing you should worry about while looking for this product.

It is also made of a rubber bladder which adds to its durability. Some people experienced that the bladder got did not last long with them.

Because of that, ringside company has included an extra bladder in case something wrong happened with the first one, which assures you how good the company is.


  • Handmade
  • 100% Genuine leather
  • Extra bladder for replacement


  • Expensive
  • No large size

Who it’s good for

The Ringside Cleto Reyes Speed Bag is good for anyone that prefers handmade products over machine-made. It is good for people that use it very frequently because of if the bladder didn’t last, it has a replacement.

It is also good for advanced and professional boxers as it has X-small size.

Who it’s bad for

It is bad for people that are on a limited budget, as it is not the cheapest on the list. Also, it is not good for beginners as it does not come in a large size.

5. RDX Double End Speed Bag

RDX Double End Speed Ball Bag Leather Boxing Floor to Ceiling Rope MMA Training Muay Thai Punching Dodge Striking Speed Ball Kit Workout Adjustable Bungee Cord

RDX is a respectable brand that manufactures all kinds of gym pieces of equipment ranging from weightlifting belts to speed bags.

The RDX Speed Bag is made of Maya Hide leather which is high-quality and could be durable to frequent use. It comes in 1 particular size so it is not the best speed bag when it comes to variation.

The RDX Speed Bag unlike others on the list is a double end speed bag. Meaning that you would need to hang it on the floor and the ceiling altogether. The double end setup offers a safe and good quick rebound because it is hanged on rubber bungee cords, which are flexible and quick.

This speed bag comes with the attachments needed to install, so you don’t have to worry about buying additional attachments and additional costs.


  • Quick
  • Setup attachments included


  • Synthetic leather

Who it’s good for

The RDX Double End Speed Bag is good for anyone that wants a light and fast speed bag, as it has bungee cords that give it a quick rebounding. If you do not want to spend extra money on setup attachments, this one is for you.

Who it’s bad for

It is not good for people that do not want to attach it to the floor and the ceiling because of a lack of space.

Speed bag buyer’s guide


The size of a speed bag is one of the most important aspects because it depends on the person training with it. There are various sizes of speed bags ranging from small to large with different lengths and widths. Larger speed bags are usually heavy and somehow slow, while smaller speed bags are light and quick.

Beginners and people who are just starting their boxing career or just in need of it as an aerobic piece of equipment should get a larger one.

As they won’t be able to train quickly, a large speed bag would fit them just right because they do not have the required speed and hand-eye-coordination for a small bag. They would practice first with a large speed bag then progress to a small one.

In contrast, intermediate and advanced boxers that want a speed bag that challenges their speed and accuracy would definitely be better off a small and light speed bag. As it will move very fast, it will increase their performance and challenges them every workout session.


Materials used in construction are what determine whether this product is going to last with you or no. Most outer shells of the speed bags are made of leather.

Leather is the most durable and comfortable material when it comes to manufacturing speed bags. However, some models use synthetic leather, which is much cheaper and less durable than the genuine one.

If you are a beginner or on a tight budget, the synthetic leather would do the job for the outer shell.

Also, there is the inner bladder that makes the shape of the speed bag and determines how it feels when punching. Inner bladders are usually made of either rubber or latex. Each one of them has its pros and cons.

Rubber bladders are very durable but unfortunately, they are heavier. Latex is also durable but not as rubber. Latex is also very lightweight and would be better for advanced athletes.

Either you want genuine leather or synthetic, rubber or latex, what determines this is your budget. A rubber bladder would be better for people that want a speed bag that lasts very long with them along with beginners. A latex bladder would suit advanced boxers and people that want a very fast speed bag.


When looking for a speed bag, you need to address the bag’s weight to see if it fits your current fitness levels and goals. Heavy speed bags would often be made of rubber and has a big size. In contract, light speed bags would be made of latex material, and be small in size.

Beginners would benefit the most from heavy and big speed bags, while advanced boxers would benefit from light and small speed bags. We mentioned this a couple of times now because it is a very important aspect to prevent wasting your money on the wrong speed bag.


  • Best speed bag(overall)


In Conclusion, speed bags are essential to every boxer and fighter workout session. A speed bag could increase the boxer speed, accuracy, and hand-to-eye coordination a.k.a “rhythm”.

It could be used as a cardio tool as it increases cardiovascular-related fitness and increases the heart’s and lung’s capacity. Speed bags come in different sizes, materials, and weights.

We have listed the best speed bags that could be used for apartments as they are compact. We have listed a wide range of sizes and weights of speed bags that could fit everyone.

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