Best Resistance Bands For Building Muscle(+ Workouts)

Resistance bands are a great tool to build muscle and burn fat at the same time. Today, we are going to list the best resistance bands for building muscle.

Every one of us sometimes goes for a holiday, and the first thing we think about is our muscles; how would we train on a holiday? The simple answer is, resistance bands! Resistance bands are compact, lightweight, and easy to carry.

Also, resistance bands offer great workouts. It can be used for almost every muscle group and every exercise. It is a trendy option for gym workouts. Instead of buying dumbbells, barbells, and weights, you can get a cheap kit of resistance bands, and here you go!

Best resistance bands for building muscle: 6 picks

1. Fit Simplify Resistance Loop Exercise Bands

Fit Simplify Resistance Loop Exercise Bands with Instruction Guide and Carry Bag, Set of 5

The Fit Simplify Resistance Loop Bands are from the best bands on the market and among the most popular ones. The set consists of 5 12-inches by 2-inches bands. Ranging from X-Light to X-Heavy, allowing you to progress throughout your training cycle and is suitable for everyone.

The Fit Simplify Resistance Bands are made from 100% high-quality latex, which assures long time durability. Unlike rubber, latex is easy on the skin, and when you sweat, it causes no problem. Everybody is worried about being sweaty with a rubber resistance band. Fit Simplify Bands solved this problem with the 100% latex material.

These bands are great for advanced athletes as it is good for beginner athletes. Moreover, it can be used in all exercise variations and physical therapy.


  • Set of 5 bands
  • High-quality latex
  • Cheap


  • Not as good for upper body exercises

Who it’s good for

The Fit Simplify Resistance Loop Bands suit best someone who travels a lot and wants to get a quick and easy workout in. It is also good for someone who wants to train full-body workouts, as it comes with 5 bands that allow for variation and progression. Moreover, someone with a limited budget will find these bands the best.

Who it’s not good for

These bands are not good for someone that prefers long bands for upper body workouts. As some users experienced, the bands to get ripped off because they are somehow short, consider looking for other longer bands.

2. INTEY Resistance Bands

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The INTEY Resistance Bands are one of its kind. These resistance bands are among the most respected and versatile bands. This set comes with 4 bands of different resistances and colors, allowing for progression and variation within the exercises.

These resistance bands can be used for different muscle groups, including legs, chest, back, and arms. They are made from 100% high-quality latex, which is odorless and strong. It can also assist you while doing the pull-up or chin-up exercises, which most people find it difficult to do.

The INTEY Resistance bands are not the cheapest on the market. However, with the given quality, they have set a reasonable price.


  • Different bands with different resistance
  • Durable 100% latex


  • Not the cheapest on the market

Who it’s good for

The INTEY Resistance Bands suit best someone who needs a variety of bands with different resistance. Because each exercise needs a specific weight, they allow you to train effectively.

Who it’s not good for

This set of bands may not be a good option for someone with a limited budget. As it is not the cheapest, you could find a cheaper option with similar features and durable materials. However, the product has set a reasonable price for the existent features and is totally worth it.

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3. Letsfit Resistance Loop Bands

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The Letsfit Resistance Loop Bands are liked by many, used by professionals, and from the best affordable bands available. This set of resistance bands comes with 5 different 12″ by 2″ bands. Each has a different color and a different resistance varying from X-Light to X-Heavy.

These resistance bands nearly fit every body part and every muscle. You can easily and effectively train your legs, glutes, chest, arms, and shoulders with this set of bands. It also comes with a portable bag to carry the resistance bands with you wherever you go. Allowing you to workout nearly everywhere.


  • 5 bands of different colors and resistances
  • Perfect for workouts, physical therapy, and rehab
  • Compact and lightweight
  • Very affordable


  • The X-Light band doesn’t offer much resistance
  • Not the best when it comes to the feeling of materials

Who it’s good for

The Letsfit Resistance Loop Bands are great for someone who is looking for an affordable set of resistance bands to kick in some workouts. It is good for you if you travel a lot, move houses frequently. But most importantly, if you work out in different places, these bands are for you.

Who it’s not good for

These bands are not good for someone that is a beginner and want a resistance band that can offer decent resistance as X-Light. As it tends to offer no resistance, it seems useless.

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4. Black Mountain Resistance Band Set 

Black Mountain Products Resistance Band Set with Door Anchor, Ankle Strap, Exercise Chart, and Carrying Case

Black Mountain Resistance Band set is from the hugest and most respectable resistance band sets that ever existed. It comes with 5 different resistance bands with different colors and resistance levels. They can be stacked together to increase the intensity or just trained with alone. They can produce up to 75 pounds.

The Black Mountain Resistance Band Set features a metal clipping system, allowing to put handles or ankle straps for more variation and comfort during training. The set also contains a door anchor, carrying bag, ankle strap, and handles.

What is so good about the black mountain set is that it comes with a manufacturer’s lifetime warranty and is affordable when it comes to the whole set.


  • 5 different bands with different resistances and colors
  • Metal clipping system to put ankle straps or soft-handles
  • Carrying bag to be portable


  • Lacks resistance as individual bands

Who it’s good for

The Black Mountain Resistance Band Set is good for beginners as it offers the feature of stacking the bands together for more intensity. It is also good for people who want a full set that helps them do more exercises and features with the resistance bands.

It is good for people who don’t feel good training with a resistance band without handles because it has a clipping system allowing for soft-handles.

Who it’s not good for

This set of resistance bands are not good for experienced, intermediate, and advanced athletes. As it comes with light individual bands that rely completely on stacking. As an advanced user, consider looking for heavier resistance bands.

5. Odoland 5 Packs Resistance Bands

Odoland 5 Packs Pull Up Assist Bands, Pull Up Straps, Resistance Bands with Door Anchor and Handles, Stretch Mobility, Powerlifting and Extra Durable Exercise Bands with eGuide

The Odoland 5 Packs Resistance Bands are one of a kind. It consists of 5 bands that have different power levels. Ranging from 15lbs to 125lbs. Making Odoland resistance band among the best bands for beginners and advanced athletes.

Odoland Resistance Bands can be used to assist pull-ups, powerlifting moves, and pushups. Not only that, it can be a whole muscle building workout too. The set comes with a portable carrying bag that makes it easy to travel with and workout anywhere you would like.

Moreover, the Odoland Resistance Bands Set comes with 2 soft-handles and a door anchor. Making it easier to train with.


  • High-quality plastic
  • 5 bands with various resistances
  • Comes with some Accessories


  • The colors fade away with time

Who it’s good for

The Odoland 5 Packs Resistance Bands are good for intermediate and advanced lifters that want a strong and durable resistance band. It is also good if you travel a lot and want something compact and portable.

Who it’s not good for

This set is not good for you if you are afraid of it losing color and care about color and design much. As some users experienced a loss of color with long use.

6. Draper’s Strength Resistance Bands

Draper's Strength Heavy Duty Resistance Stretch Loop Bands for Powerlifting Workout Exercise and Assisted Pull Ups #08 3 Band Set Yellow-Black

Draper’s Strength Resistance Bands are a great set of bands with 3 different bands with different resistances. It offers very high resistance for very advanced athletes.

Draper’s Strength Resistance Bands are made of high-quality latex. Making it very durable with high resistances that lasts for years. The 41″ bands can stretch from the ground till above your head with a problem. For this reason, it is a good option to assist your pull-ups.

It can be used for a variety of exercises. It can be used for physical therapy, rehab, heavy deadlifts, and barbell bench press. It has 90-day Money Back Guaranteed, lifetime warranty, and a free Ebook. Which assures you that the company knows what these bands are made of.


  • Available from 2lbs to 200lbs resistances
  • Durable and of high-quality
  • Informative Ebook guide


  • Not the cheapest on the market

Who it’s good for

The Draper’s Strength Resistance Bands are a great option for every lifter. Whether you are a beginner, intermediate, or advanced, you will find a suitable resistance for you. It is good for you if you are a powerlifter, bodybuilder, or someone who just got out of injury and wants rehab.

Who it’s not good for

It is not good for you if you are looking for a more average set of resistance bands and cheaper. If you are on a limited budget, you should consider looking for other options.


Workouts you can do with resistance bands

There are plenty of workouts and exercises you can do with resistance bands, including all your muscle groups.

We are going to list the best exercises for each muscle group and how to execute them properly.


1. Resistance Band Front Squat:

Squats are a great exercise for your legs. It builds up your quads, hamstrings, and glutes. Stand on the band with feet a little wide, grab the other handle with each hand, then squat down and up.

2. Lying Leg Curl:

Leg curls build up your hamstring and calves. Lie down on the floor with one side of the band looped around your ankle, and the other is anchored and set up to a door for support. Bend your leg till you feel the squeeze in the hamstring and relax.

3.Glutes Kickbacks:

Kickbacks is a popular exercise among men and women because it is known to build a tremendous amount of muscle in the glutes. Like the lying leg curl, anchor the band to the door and your ankle while standing, then push your legs back until you feel the squeeze in your glutes.


1. Resistance Band Pushup:

Pushups incorporate your chest, shoulders, and your triceps. Get into plank position, Drape the band across your upper back, loop the band’s ends with your thumbs, and place your hands on the floor.

2.Standing Chest Press:

Without using a barbell or dumbbell or even a cable, you can easily do a chest press with a resistance band. Anchor the band on any door lock set or anything in chest height, grab the band with your back to the band, move forward, and start pressing.


1.Bent Over Row:

Unlike dumbbells or barbells, resistance bands can be used easily for rowing. Stand on the center of the band, bent slightly with your knees and back, grab the band’s handles with your both hands, and start rowing.

2.Lat Pulldown:

You don’t need a machine to do a lat pulldown; with a resistance band, everything is possible. To start, anchor the band on anything high and stable (a tree limb, the end of your door), Kneel in front of the anchor and grab the handles, start pulling.


1.Overhead Press:

Overhead press A.K.A “Military Press” is a shoulder builder that also involves triceps. Stand on one end of the band, grabbing the other end with your thumb facing your head. Push the band up and down slowly.

2.Lateral Raise:

Lateral raise is an isolation movement that tone and builds the shoulder’s lateral head. Stand on the middle of the bands, grab both handles while standing, raise them to your shoulder height, lower them down, and repeat.


1.Standing Biceps Curl:

Curls are the best biceps muscle builder ever. It is easy to do and effective. Stand in the middle of the band, grab the handles with your thumb facing your legs, and curl the band up and down.

2.Triceps extension:

Stand with your feet in the middle of the band, start in the overhead press position, and lower your forearms as low as possible, then rise again.

Resistance bands or dumbbells?

Resistance bands and dumbbells are considered strength training aids that build muscle and burns fat. Both have pros and cons because as we know, nothing is perfect.

On the one hand, Resistance bands are inexpensive but also lightweight and compact. Meaning that a resistance band allows you to take it everywhere possible to train. Moreover, the resistance bands are very durable and can last very long.

Resistance bands can work up your whole muscle groups. As it is flexible, you can do any movement with it. The great advantage for bands that it is easy to pack in a bag or a closet, allowing you to carry it when traveling or moving houses easily.

On the other hand, the dumbbells can do the same job as the resistance bands. But, dumbbells offer a great number of weights. You can increase and decrease weight by small increments. Dumbbells also can come with very heavy-weight.

Unlike the resistance band, you know for sure the weight you training with. Resistance bands’ weight depends on the length and elasticity, which is not so accurate to measure.

The big disadvantage of dumbbells is that it takes a lot of space and usually needs a ready home gym. You would buy not only a pair of dumbbells but also a complete set to perform exercises with an efficient weight to allow for stimulus.

Can you combine resistance bands for extra intensity?

Combining and stacking your resistance bands with your barbell or dumbbell training will increase tension and intensity. And of course, build muscle faster.

Combining resistance bands with barbells or dumbbells allow for progressive overload, which is the main driver for hypertrophy “building muscle.” Moreover, combining them will allow your muscle to fight through tension, not only gravity, which will target different muscle fibers and builds them more.

Combining and stacking resistance bands will also allow for safer workouts because heavy weights on a bar is a little bit dangerous if the bar slipped away, you can put light to moderate weights on the bar, and stack some bands and combine them. Here we go, a heavy safe bar to train without the fear of injury.

Frequently asked questions

Do resistance bands build muscle or tone?

Resistance bands, like any other equipment, build muscle. Depending on whether you are training with enough volume and intensity, you will build muscle using resistance bands. Building muscle depends on training volume, meaning your sets * reps * weight. When you use a heavy enough resistance band that you go near failure for a specific number of reps, you will surely build muscle with the right nutrition.
Resistance bands offer constant pressure, which allows for TUT “Time Under Tension,” which is a great factor to build muscle and tone up. Some people misunderstood the building muscle and toning up concept. It all depends on your nutrition. If you are cutting, resistance bands will tone you up, if you are bulking and want to gain muscle, it will build you some decent muscle.
A resistance band is like any other equipment you train with in any regular gym.

Can resistance bands bulk you up?

Yes, resistance bands will definitely bulk you up if you trained effectively and consistently. As simple as the answer might be, it actually is.
Resistance bands will build your muscle all over your body. When you train hard with a resistance band and offer enough stimulus for your body to grow with the right amount of calories and protein, you can bulk up effectively and easily with this magical piece of equipment.


Resistance bands can be a great plus to your workout, or it can be your actual workout. There are plenty of resistance bands out there on the market with challenging prices and qualities.

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