Best Multivitamins for Bodybuilders: 4 Choices for Men

In this post, we are going to list the best multivitamins for bodybuilders. Multivitamins are an essential type of supplements that are nearly taken by every athlete and not just athletes, but by every normal person. This indicates how important it is as a supplement.

Multivitamins are essential supplements because a person can not fulfill all of his vitamin and mineral needs by just dieting.

As there are many vitamins, you would need to eat many fruits and vegetables per day to fulfill them, and that is not accessible by everyone and would eventually cost you more money.

Bodybuilders need higher nutritional requirements, that’s because they burn calories and require a lot of processes to be active all day long such as protein synthesis and recovery.

Vitamins and minerals regulate nearly every process in your body, and that’s why multivitamins are considered essential.

Why are multivitamins important for bodybuilders? What are the benefits?

As multivitamins are essential and important for the normal person, they are even more important for bodybuilders.

There are more than 20 essential vitamins and minerals that should be taken and with minimal dosages so you do not get deficiencies. Vitamin deficiencies can be a big problem and are in fact popular among people.

Anemia, for example, a popular disease that is caused by the deficiency of iron, will make you weak and will fade you out with the least workload done. This happens to someone as a result of not getting enough iron daily for a long time.

Also, a nutrition plan lacking in iron results in decreased strength and performance. Now we know how important some vitamins and minerals are for normal people and bodybuilders.

Magnesium, another mineral that is crucial for recovery and muscle contraction, if you did not get enough magnesium in your diet, you would have trouble recovering and you will get muscle cramps.

Vitamin D is another important vitamin that if you have low levels of it, you will have depression and weakened muscles and bones to list many more. Especially if you are in a region where the sun is not that strong, a multivitamin is crucial so you can fulfill your vitamin requirements.

Multivitamins can be important to fulfill your vitamin and mineral needs especially when you are on a low-calorie diet and you are not able to eat enough fruits and vegetables.

They boost your energy and improve your mood and overall health. Also, they are important to prevent deficiencies in your body, which cause a lot of problems.

Best Multivitamins for Bodybuilders: Top Picks

1. Animal Pak

Animal Pak – Vitamin Pack Supplement – Zinc, Vitamin C, B, D, Amino Acids and More – Sports Nutrition Supplement – Convenient All-in-One Packs – 44 Packs

Animal is a company that manufactures hardcore vitamins and supplements that are known worldwide. It is a respectable company and has a good reputation. Also, it is sponsored by a great number of professional bodybuilders.

The Animal Pak is considered one of the best multivitamins because it does not consist of vitamins only, it has amino acids and bonus ingredients that gives you energy and is so important for the body.

Animal Pak works with 1 pack per serving. Each pack consists of 11 pills, which indicates how many ingredients it does have.

Animal Pak has a great variety of vitamins and minerals and with great concentrations. For example, it has 500% of the normal RDA of vitamin D, and 1000% of vitamin E.

This assures that you will get enough vitamins with enough concentrations despite of any bad absorption or low bioavailability.

It has digestive enzymes to help you digest this amount of vitamins but also to help the digestion of food. Moreover, it has a great number of amino acids, protein complex, and energy complex.

These complexes ensure that you will get enough ingredients to have energy for the work, training, and everyday routine.

It also has liver detox ingredients so you can be assured of improved health and wellbeing. Animal Pak is one of the best multivitamins on the market.


  • Great concentrations
  • Great complexes and a variety of ingredients
  • Each bag has 44 packs


  • Should be taken with caution, as it has high concentrations

Who it’s good for

The Animal Pak is good for any bodybuilder that wants a multivitamin to fulfill his/her vitamin needs and provides you with enough energy.

Also, it is good for anyone with a limited budget as a single bag has 44 packs which will last you a month and a half which is a lot. Also, for someone with bad digestion and absorption, this product is great.

Who it’s not good for

It is not good for people that could overdose this product or people under 18, as it has high concentrations and they might need consult a doctor before taking it.

2. Legion Triumph Daily Sport Multivitamin

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Legion is a respectable company that produces high-quality gym supplements and health products. It was founded by Mike Matthews, a popular author, and a great coach.

Legion Triumph Multivitamin has nearly 21 different vitamins and minerals with effective doses, it covers almost every vitamin and mineral any bodybuilder needs but most importantly, with clinically effective doses.

Vitamins such as vitamin D, K, and Zinc often get neglected with low dosages. The legion triumph focuses on getting effective doses for each vitamin.

What is so special about Legion triumph that it has an additional 11 herbs and amino acids that improve mental health and fight depression such as ashwagandha, and CoQ10. Also, it has ingredients that fight cholesterol and improve heart health and well-being overall.


  • Anti-anxiety ingredients
  • Great forms of vitamins, better bioavailability


  • Not the cheapest on the market

Who it’s good for

The Legion Triumph is good for people that want to get a multivitamin in with the best forms that offer great bioavailability and absorption. It is also good for people that want secondary ingredients that improve cholesterol and fights depression.

Who it’s not good for

It is not good for people that are on a limited budget, as it has a high price per serving. Consider looking for a cheaper option.

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3. Optimum Nutrition Opti-Men

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Optimum Nutrition is of the best companies in the fitness industry. It is famous for its popular whey protein gold standard. It produces the highest quality with the best prices on the market.

Optimum Nutrition Opti-Men is from the most reviewed and from the most bought multivitamins ever.

Optimum Nutrition Opti-Men has nearly 75 active ingredients that are in effective doses and are made from the best forms.

For the vitamins and minerals, it contains concentrations of 300%+ for each one of them, meaning that if you have bad digestion or bad absorption, you are ensured that you will get enough.

It has 1g of amino acids blend that will support your muscles. Also, it contains phytonutrients especially for men that boost your health and support well-being.

Moreover, it has 4 digestive enzymes that will help you get the most out of this multivitamin, as well as help in digesting food.

As indicated, Opti-men is made specially for men. There is another product called opti-women that is made for women. While it is normal for a women to take opti-men, it might be ideal to get their specialized multivitamin supplement.

Each serving of Opti-Men multivitamin contains 3 three pills that are taken with food daily.


  • Great concentration of vitamins
  • Variety of micronutrients
  • Affordable


  • No specific nutrients for bodybuilding performance boosting

Who it’s good for

The Optimum Nutrition Opti-Men is good for people that want to get a high-quality multivitamin with at an affordable price. It is good for you if you are on a limited budget.

Also, if you have a bad digestive system or low absorption rates, this product is good for you as it has high concentrations of vitamins and 4 digestive enzymes to help bad digestion.

Who it’s bad for

It is bad for someone that does not want to invest in a specific performance-boosting supplement for bodybuilding, as it does not include secondary ingredients specific to bodybuilding like Animal Pak. If you are on a limited budget and do not have the money to buy another product along with it, consider other options.

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4. MuscleTech Platinum Multivitamin

Multivitamin for Men | MuscleTech Platinum Multivitamin | Vitamin C for Immune Support | 18 Vitamins & Minerals | Vitamins A C D E B6 B12 | Daily Workout Supplements | Mens Multivitamins, 90 ct

If you are deep in the fitness industry, you would definitely know MuscleTech company. It is a company that is so popular in manufacturing gym supplements and health products that are advanced and of high-quality.

The MuscleTech Platinum Multivitamin has a great blend of vitamins and minerals that includes all of the essential vitamins at great doses.

It has 100%+ of the average RDA for each vitamin and mineral, which assures you that you will get enough vitamin concentration flowing to your body.

What is so special about the platinum multivitamin is that it contains ingredients that can boost your performance and energy but also increase fat burning. These ingredients are green tea extract, green coffee bean extract, and turmeric.

These ingredients are associated with better metabolism, well-being, and overall health.

It also has 2 digestive enzymes that help you digest and absorb these vitamins and general food better, this is good for people with bad digestion systems. On top of that, it has an amino acid matrix, which includes arginine, an amino acid that is important for muscle pumps.


  • Affordable
  • Great secondary ingredients
  • Great as a fat burner


  • Not the best forms of vitamins
  • Low-medium concentrations

Who it’s good for

The MuscleTech Platinum Multivitamin is good for people that are on a limited budget and want a well-rounded multivitamin. It is good for bodybuilding and weight loss, as it has secondary ingredients such as green tea extract and green coffee bean extract.

Who it’s bad for

It is bad for people that want high concentrations of vitamins and minerals. Because it only has 100%+ of each vitamin which is somehow the lowest on our list. People with bad digestion systems and with low absorption rates would like higher concentrations to ensure that they get enough vitamins flowing in their body.

When to take multivitamins?

When to take a multivitamin really depends on the specific product. As each product has a different serving size and a different number of pills. Some have many pills for each serving that you could split between meals. Some have only one pill that you can get in the morning.

Most labels recommend taking your multivitamin first thing in the morning with your breakfast. Not because it should be taken in the morning, but because it is easier to remember and will be your daily routine. However, multivitamins should be taken with water and a meal because it will improve its effectiveness and absorption.

Also, important to note that there are some limitations for when to take your multivitamin. For example, anti-oxidants such as vitamin C and vitamin A when taken pre-workout, will probably cause less growth while training.

But also they could decrease your strength. These claims are not yet 100% sure, because researches showed some conflicting results. But, better safe than sorry.

Multivitamins for Bodybuilders: buyer’s guide


When looking for a multivitamin, you should look for a multivitamin that includes all of the micronutrients. A variety of micronutrients is crucial because if you just focus on a couple of micronutrients, where would you get the rest?

There are some multivitamins that focus on a compound such as Vitamin B complex multivitamins, they focus on vitamin B compounds with great concentrations with few other vitamins but in very low concentrations, that one you should not be getting unless you have a real problem with vitamin B.


Concentrations can vary between multivitamins, if it is a complete and well-rounded multivitamin, or focuses multivitamin.

When choosing a multivitamin, you should get a one that gives you above 50% of each micronutrient so you are sure you would get enough of it along with your nutrition to prevent deficiencies.

However, A focused B-complex multivitamin would give you nearly 500% of B12 and very low percentage of other vitamins, that’s because it focuses on this specific compound. If you have a deficiency in Vitamin B, you would be better off this focused multivitamin.

But as a regular bodybuilder with no deficiencies, a well-rounded complete multivitamin will benefit you the most.


The value of a multivitamin is very important because you will be getting it nearly most of the time. If you chose an expensive multivitamin that you will not be able to get regularly, so what is the point of getting it in the first place?

The range of values of multivitamins is a bit close. There no such thing as a fancy multivitamin and a cheap multivitamin.

Important Note

Some vitamins can come in cheap sources that have low bioavailability and absorption. Getting pure and high-quality vitamins are crucial for better absorption and benefits.

Vitamin B12: The best source of B12 is Methylcobalamine, it has better bioavailability and absorption than cyanocobalamin.

Vitamin C: Vitamin C purest form is ascorbic acid, it is the most bioavailable source and is absorbed quickly.

Another consideration is that some vitamins when taken together, might cause low absorption. An example of that is Iron and Calcium. People with iron deficiency is told to keep away calcium sources when taking Iron supplement to absorb it better.

The same goes for Vitamin D and calcium. Choose a multivitamin that has a balance between vitamins rather than focusing on one and not the other.



Multivitamins are essential supplements that should be taken by everyone even non-training people. Unlike creatine, it should be taken by normal people and athletes as well.

Multivitamins are crucial to prevent vitamin deficiencies that can cause big problems such as anemia and decreased strength and performance.

Multivitamins are important for bodybuilders as they need all their body vital processes working at a maximum level to have maximum performance and maximum muscle building potential.

Multivitamins can vary in concentrations and nutrients ranging from bodybuilding specific with secondary ingredients to only main essential vitamins and minerals.

We have listed the best and the most well-rounded multivitamins at the most affordable prices on the market. All you have to do is consider your needs, digestion and absorption, budget, and you will be all set to go!

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