Best Free Standing Pull Up Bars: Top Picks and Reviews

When we mention the pull-up exercise, we should immediately say it’s the squat for our upper body. If you are deep into the fitness industry, you would know that the squat is the king of exercises.

By that being said, the pull-up exercise is the king of upper body exercises. In this post, we will list the best free standing pull up bars available on the market.

A free-standing pull-up bar is a piece of equipment that is nearly found in most gyms. That’s because it has many benefits and is compact.

Not only is it found in most gyms, but it is also an excellent addition to your garage gym or home gym.

The reason behind that is, many people do not like pull-up bars that hang on doors and such. Hanging pull-up bars often wreck the doors and get broken down quickly.

Freestanding pull-up bars do not get broken down and are stable. Not only that, most of them come to a station.

Meaning that you will be able to do many exercises along with the pull-up, such as dips and hanging leg raises.

Also, the free standing pull-up bars come in a naturally compact style. When comparing its benefits to the space it takes, it is very beneficial and worth every inch.

Best free standing pull up bars: Top Picks

1. RELIFE REBUILD Pull-up Station

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This RELIFE REBUILD Pull-up Station is one of the most popular and most bought workout stations on the market because of how sturdy and reliable it is. These workout stations can be called “power towers”.”

The RELIFE REBUILD Pull-up Station is made of high-quality and sturdy steel construction that can withstand weights up to 330 pounds.

It has many accessories such as a dip bar, backrest and elbow rest for stomach exercises, and a push-up bar. To wrap it up, it can build you nearly every single muscle in your body with just one machine.

Also, what is so good about this station is that it has great adjustability. The power tower itself has 9 height adjustments to be suitable for children, adults, short, and tall people all along without the need to buy any other machine.

Also, the backrest has 4 levels of adjustments so you could feel comfortable while working out. Moreover, it has a 1-year warranty on the mainframe and a lifetime warranty on all other parts, which adds much to this piece of equipment.


  • 9 height adjustments
  • Many accessories
  • High-quality steel construction


  • The push-up bar tends to be weak

Who it’s good for

The RELIFE REBUILD Pull-up Station is good for anyone with family members or partners to work out with, as it has 9 height adjustments and could fit anyone.

It is also good for you if you want a machine that does not offer pull-up exercise but also dips, hanging leg raises, and push-ups.

Who it’s not good for

It is not good for you if you plan to use the push-up bar too frequently as it tends to be weak and could break by frequent and intense use.

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2. CAP Barbell Power Rack

CAP Barbell Power Rack Exercise Stand

The CAP Barbell Power Rack is one of its kind. Imagine combining the kings of exercises in 1 machine. This what CAP Barbell Power Rack did. It is a barbell rack machine along with a free-standing pull-up bar.

The rack is not made only for squats, but it can be used for inverted rows, barbell curls, and any exercise with a barbell.

CAP Barbell Power Rack is made of 11 and 12-gauge steel construction that is sturdy and heavy enough to ensure stability and durability. It can withstand weights up to 500 pounds, which is a lot. It has a durable coat powder finish that fights rust.

The problem with this power rack is that it isn’t height adjustable. Meaning that the pull-up bar can’t be lowered down, so if you are a short person, you would need to put a step below it instead of jumping to avoid injuries in your back.


  • Adjustable squat rack
  • High-quality, sturdy construction
  • 500 pounds weight limit


  • The Pull-up bar isn’t adjustable
  • Barbell not included

Who it’s good for

The CAP Barbell Power Rack is good for anyone that wants to do barbell movements along with the pull-up as it has a fully adjustable barbell rack, and you could do any exercise with it.

It is also good for you if you are an intermediate or advanced lifter as it has a high weight limit of 500 pounds.

Who it’s not good for

It is not good for you if you want an adjustable pull-up bar as you will need to jump to get the bar.

3. BangTong&Li Pull-up Station

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The BangTong&Li Pull-up Station might sound weird, but you will definitely appreciate the name when you know its features. This pull-up station is a multifunctional power tower and would help you build your dream body and achieve your physical goals faster.

The BangTong&Li Power Tower has many accessories such as dip bars, push-up bars, and armrests to perform stomach exercises, not to mention the pull-up and chin-up, of course.

This power tower is made of heavy-duty, high-quality steel that is well-constructed to ensure stability and durability. The steel tubes are thick, wide, and can withstand weights up to 330 pounds.

What is so special about this power tower is that the pull-up bar is adjustable to fit everyone. This is good because if you have family members of different heights, you will adjust the pull-up bar upon that.

Moreover, it has no backrest, and you may wonder why. Backrests can be a pain sometimes when you are doing the pull-up exercise, especially as a beginner.


  • Adjustable pull-up bar
  • Many accessories
  • 330 pounds weight limit
  • Affordable


  • No backrest bothering for some

Who it’s good for

The BangTong&Li is good for anyone that wants an adjustable pull-up bar so different family members and partners could train with it. Also, if you are on a limited budget, this power tower is for you.

Moreover, if you are of a high-weight and are concerned about stability, this one is very safe for you as it has a high weight limit.

Who it’s not good for

It is not good for you if you are bothered by the fact that there is no backrest. If you find the backrest essential for ab exercises, consider looking for other options.

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4. Stamina Power Tower

Stamina | X Power Tower with VKR | All-in-One Bodyweight Training Stations | Push-Ups, Pull-Ups, Dips, Sit-Ups and Knee Raises

The Stamina Power Tower is a popular choice as a free-standing pull-up bar because of its cost to benefit ratio as it is affordable and made with high-quality standards in mind.

The Stamina Power Tower is made of high-quality, sturdy steel construction that is durable and is super stable. Also, it does not sacrifice stability and safety to save space as it is somehow a small piece of equipment and has a small footprint compared to others.

This power tower has many accessories that will allow you to hit different muscle groups and build your muscles effectively, such as dip bars, armrests, backrest, and push-up bars. It has foam padding in every place you will grab to ensure that the user feels comfortable in every moment.


  • Affordable
  • High-quality construction


  • Heavy people experienced that it is not that stable

Who it’s good for

The Stamina Power Tower is good for anyone on a limited budget and wants an affordable free standing pull-up and other accessories to hit each body part.

Who it’s not good for

It is not good for people that are of high weight as it might feel unstable.

5. Body Champ VKR1010 Pull-up Station

Body Champ Multi-Function Pull Up Bar, Exercise Equipment, Home Gym Power Tower, Power Station for Pull Ups, Push Ups, Vertical Knee and Leg Raises and Dip Stand, VKR1010, Grey, One Size

The Body Champ VKR1010 Pull-up Station is known for its stability and its design. It is made with an H-frame design that increases the stability and is so convenient as you will work out on both sides. One side for some accessories and the other side for the pull-up bar to control the interference.

The Body Champ VKR1010 Pull-up Station is a 4-station machine that will let you train your whole body with no problem. It has a pull-up station, dip station, push-up station, and leg raises station.

In other words, you will be able to train your chest, triceps, shoulders, abs, and back with this 4-stations machine.

This power tower has great foam padding in the areas that your body meets with the machine, such as the backrest, armrest, and handgrips. You will feel 100% comfortable using this piece of equipment.


  • 4-stationed machine
  • Stable H-frame
  • Great foam padding


  • Hard to assemble

Who it’s good for

The Body Champ VKR1010 Pull-up station is good for anyone that wants to train his/her full body, not just the pull-up exercise, as it has 4-stations that nearly target every single muscle in our upper body.

If you have faced stability issues with other power towers, this one won’t let you down as it has a stable H-frame.

Who it’s not good for

It is not good for you if you are busy and don’t have time to assembly the product as it needs assembling and is kind of hard. If you do not prefer to assembly products yourself, have an installer come to your home or consider other products.

Free Standing pull-up bars buyer’s guide


Stability is the most important aspect to look for when buying a free standing pull up bar. That’s because as they are free standing, low-quality, and cheap pull-up bars would not be stable that much, especially if you are not doing the pull-up with strict form.

And of course, you don’t want the pull-up bar to fall while you are training because it could be heavy and could break things either at home or at the gym.

Stability is determined by how heavy, and hefty is the free standing pull-up bar. You should look for a well-constructed heavy pull-up bar and is made of high-quality heavy metals to ensure that it is stable and would not fall.

Also, the base might play a role. Look for pull-up bars that have wide bases, not small and tiny ones.

Height Adjustability

With pull-up bars, the thing is that when it is at home, the ceiling and the bar height become a problem. The ceiling in many garages is somehow low while the free standing pull-up bar is high.

Don’t forget that you also need space above the bar because your head comes up, not to mention if you will do some muscle-ups.

When looking for a free-standing pull up bar, you should consider your ceiling height along with the bar’s height itself to see whether it will fit or no.

On top of that, you should add a foot or two to account for your head when doing pull-ups or your body when doing muscle-ups.

Weight limit

The weight limit is another important aspect that you should consider when looking to buy a free standing pull-up bar because the weight limit determines how durable or stable this pull-up bar would be.

Ideally, you should aim for at least a 250 pounds weight limit pull-up bar. The higher the weight limit, the higher the quality. Be ensured that when a free standing pull-up bar has a weight limit, it has high-quality materials and is well-constructed.


Portable: Portable free standing pull-up bars are made suitable for homes and garage gyms as they can be stored and moved easily.

As they can be moved and stored easily, they are made with less sturdy metals and won’t be as heavy as other pull-up bars, which can affect their stability.

Also, portable free standing pull-ups bars will offer only a pull-up bar, unlike non-portable ones.

Non-Portable: Non-Portable free standing pull-up bars are usually a station with many accessories that will let you do different exercises for different muscle groups such as dips and abs exercises.

Also, non-portable pull-up bars are heavier than portable ones and are made with heavy metals.

Power Towers: Power towers are from the most famous and popular free standing pull-up bars on the market because they are convenient and offer multiple stations at once. You would find a dip station, pull-up station, push-up station, and an ab station in each power tower.

Power Racks: Power racks are another type of machines that has a free standing pull-up bar. It combines a barbell rack with a pull-up bar, which could be very beneficial as it is essential in every gym.



In Conclusion, a free standing pull-up bar is a popular piece of equipment found in most commercial gyms and is very useful for garage gyms and home gyms.

Freestanding pull-up bars can come in different shapes and different types ranging from power towers to power racks. Each one has its pros and cons and is suitable for some and not suitable for some.

The free standing pull-up bar has many aspects to consider before getting such as the weight limit, height, and stability. You don’t want to get a cheap pull-up bar that will end up broken down or shaking when you are working out.

We have listed the best free standing pull-up bars on the market with different types, and all of them are affordable at reasonable prices so everybody could afford them.

All you have to do is consider your home gym space, ceiling height, read carefully, and you will be ready to choose from our list!

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