Best Cutting Supplements To Lose Fat and Get Shredded

In this post, we are going to list the best cutting supplements on the market. If you have ever gone to a gym or you know a friend that goes to a gym and is deep into fitness, you would know that cutting is very important for everyone.

Cutting, in simple terms, is the process of losing weight. So if you are dieting to lose weight, you are in fact cutting. You may wonder why it is called cutting, that is because when you cut down weight, you shed the fat that hides the muscles making it look shredded.

BSN N.O.-XPLODE Pre Workout Supplement with Creatine, Beta-Alanine, and Energy, Flavor: Fruit Punch, 60 Servings

The cutting process is usually difficult for many people. Your body wants to maintain its weight and survive. By dieting down, you force your body to lose weight which is not preferable by the body.

Most of the time, you would find people eliminate foods, eat low calories, and train frequently. But the problem is that a big percentage of them find it difficult to lose weight without the help of supplementation.

Cutting supplements are the supplements that are taken within your cutting phase to help you lose weight and gain energy. They have several mechanisms to boost your fat-burning efficiency and make it easier for you to lose weight.

Most often, you would find a cutting supplement combined with a pre-workout supplement. The reason is that when you cut, you will not have that much energy you had when you were in a bulk because of the low number of calories entering your body.

Are cutting supplements important?

Cutting supplements are typically used by normal people who want to lose weight, bodybuilders who are cutting down for a contest, or athletes that want to cut down some weight for a weight category.

You will find almost any athlete or any bodybuilder you look up to using a cutting supplement. We are going to break it down for you.

Cutting supplements can help you in your cutting journey in several ways. They can help you lose weight, by mechanisms such as thermogenesis and appetite suppression.

These mechanisms force the body to eat less and burn fat on its own by increasing its temperature, which results in losing more body fat.

Cutting supplements can also provide energy. Because one of the main ingredients in fat burners and cutting supplements is caffeine, you will get more energy and focus when you take a fat burner.

Having more energy levels when training will help you perform in your workouts and maintain your lean muscle mass even build more.

It is important to mention whether these type of supplements is essential or not. Unfortunately, the cutting supplements are not essential.

When we say essential supplements, we mean the supplements that can not be replaced by food.

Creatine, for example, a supplement that increases strength and muscle mass, can not be replaced by food unless you ate 1 pound of cooked meat every day.

By that being said, cutting supplements are important, but not essential. You can replace some of its main ingredients such as caffeine by drinking coffee for example and that’s the trick. However, cutting supplements are very important and play a huge role in your weight loss journey.

Best Cutting Supplements: 4 Top Picks


BSN N.O.-XPLODE Pre Workout Supplement with Creatine, Beta-Alanine, and Energy, Flavor: Fruit Punch, 60 Servings

BSN is a popular brand that manufactures almost every type of gym supplements and health products. It is a reputable and respectable company that produces high-quality products.

When it comes to the BSN N.O. XPLODE, it is no joke that is considered from the best cutting supplements out there.

BSN N.O XPLODE is known to be the best pre-workout supplement. As we said, cutting supplements could be also a pre-workout because of the mutual ingredients. The main ingredient in the N.O XPLODE is caffeine.

The caffeine has a great thermogenic effect that helps in fat loss and builds lean muscle by supporting your workout. The N.O XPLODE is packed with 275mg of caffeine per serving.

It also includes 3 grams of creatine and 1.8 grams of beta-alanine. These ingredients will work to increase your training capacity, strength, and endurance which will help you build muscle and have the energy to burn more calories while training. It also has L-tyrosine which has a thermogenic effect.

This cutting supplement includes a lot of vitamins and minerals which will save you a lot of bucks instead of buying a multivitamin. It also comes at an affordable price which will allow people to invest in it without a problem considering the budget.


  • Affordable
  • Respectable brand
  • Great blend of energy-boosters and thermogenic ingredients


  • Too much caffeine for regular people
  • Not focusing on fat burning only

Who it’s good for

The BSN N.O. XPLODE is good for people who want to cut weight through thermogenesis and need to boost their energy to burn more calories through training.

It is also good for body-builders and athletes as it has a great amount of caffeine. It is also good for you if you are on a limited budget.

Who it’s bad for

This cutting supplement is not good for you if you are sensitive to caffeine or you are not used to a big amount of caffeine per day as it has 275mg per serving, which is a lot for many people.

2. Burn-XT Thermogenic Fat Burner

Burn-XT Thermogenic Fat Burner - Weight Loss Supplement, Appetite Suppressant, Energy Booster - Premium Fat Burning Acetyl L-Carnitine, Green Tea Extract, More - 120 Natural Veggie Diet Pills.

Burn-XT Thermogenic Fat Burner is a cutting supplement that focuses on the thermogenesis mechanism to burn fat.

The most useful mechanism of all mechanisms. Users also noticed that their hunger levels decreased to a great degree, which means it also plays a crucial role in appetite suppression.

The Burn-XT cutting supplement includes the most important and the main thermogenic ingredients, which are caffeine and green tea extract. It has 135mg of caffeine per capsule which is a great dosage in my opinion.

It is great because many people are sensitive to much caffeine. Some supplements have high caffeine dosage which prevents many people from taking it. It also has 225 mg of green tea extract which will help boost your fat loss journey.

It has l-carnitine, an ingredient that makes your body prioritize fat for fuel. This increases the fat burning process which will help you lose weight and cut faster. Moreover, it has black pepper extract which suppresses hunger and appetite resulting in less food eaten.


  • Great fat-loss ingredients
  • Appetite suppression effect
  • Capsules for convenience


  • Not much caffeine for athletes
  • May cause severe appetite suppression

Who it’s good for

The Burn-XT Thermogenic Fat Burner is good for anyone that is looking for a cutting supplement that works through thermogenesis and appetite suppression. It is good for you if you are looking for a moderate caffeine dosage along with other thermogenic ingredients that boost its effectiveness.

Who it’s bad for

It is bad for athletes and bodybuilders that have the goal of muscle building and increased energy. As it does not have that much caffeine to support intense workouts. Also, if you do not eat that much, it will cause more appetite suppression.

3. Legion Forge Fasted Fat Burner

Legion Forge Fasted Fat Burner - Thermogenic Fat Burner, Target Stomach Fat and Trim Belly Fat with Yohimbe, HMB Supplement, Choline. All Natural, 45 Servings.…

Legion is a company that is founded by Mike Matthews, a famous coach and a great author. It is a company that produces health products and gym supplements with the highest-qualities and all of its products are scientific-packed.

Legion Forge is a great cutting supplement for both men and women and can be suitable for people with high blood pressure and people with heart diseases. The reason behind that is that it doesn’t contain caffeine.

Legion Forge is the first cutting supplement on this list that is stimulant-free.

The Legion Forge Fat Burner includes HMB ingredient, which preserves muscle mass while cutting, a big problem that faces almost everyone. Also, it includes yohimbine, a great thermogenic ingredient that boosts fat burning and weight loss.

It also contains appetite suppression ingredients which will help you eat less resulting in greater weight loss. What is so good about this product that the company offers a refund and guaranteed money back if you are not 100% satisfied with the product.


  • Stimulant-Free
  • Trusted company
  • Great thermogenic effect


  • No caffeine for energy boosting

Who it’s good for

The Legion Forge cutting supplement is good for people who are sensitive to caffeine and want a thermogenic fat burner without the effect of caffeine. It is good for people who want a supplement that offers an appetite suppression effect too.

Who it’s bad for

This cutting supplement is not suitable for people that want to boost their energy to workout efficiently. As it does not have caffeine, it would not boost your energy and performance when taken pre-workout.

4. Ab Cuts CLA

AbCuts CLA Belly Fat Formula - 120 Easy-to-Swallow Softgels - Omega 3 Fish Oil, Flaxseed Oil and Vitamin E - Helps Increase Antioxidant Supply and Healthy Body Composition

The Ab Cuts CLA is from the best products when it comes to cutting supplements. It has so many positive reviews and is so effective and has many positive benefits.

The Ab Cuts CLA is made with CLA ingredient that is shown to decrease the body fat mass. This ingredient is clinically proved that it burns fat, which will help you boost your fat loss journey and get you shredded fast.

It gets the CLA ingredient from a high-quality source which is the safflower oil that includes 80% CLA.

It also includes 300mg of omega-3. Omega-3 is an essential ingredient for your body. It is so important for your heart, skin, and fat loss.

Omega-3 improves fat utility and the usage of body for fat. By getting enough omega-3 in your body, it will target belly fat and the type of fats that are hard to burn.

The Ab Cuts CLA also includes sesame seed oil and flaxseed oil which have many benefits for your body. It also includes vitamin E which plays a crucial role when it comes to immunity.

It is good for cutting because when you cut, you lack some vitamins resulting in decreased immunity. The vitamin E dosage in this supplement will support your immunity and prevent any decreases.


  • Contains CLA
  • Support immunity
  • Affordable


  • May cause stomachache
  • Does not contain caffeine

Who it’s good for

The Ab Cuts CLA is good for people that want to lose some weight without any thermogenic effect because they do not like its side effects. It is also good for people that want to invest in a supplement that combines omega-3 with its fat loss ones. It is also good for people that are on a limited budget.

Who it’s bad for

The Ab Cuts CLA is not good for people that want to increase their energy levels to boost their workouts, as it does not contain caffeine in its ingredients. Also, because it has so many oils, it might cause you a stomach upset if your stomach is sensitive to oils.

Types of cutting supplements

There are different types of cutting supplements that work with different mechanisms and include different ingredients. Different people will need different types to fulfill their needs. We will dig into each type in detail so you would know which type do you need.

Thermogenic Cutting Supplements: Thermogenic supplements work with the thermogenesis mechanism to increase your basal metabolic rate and increase your body temperature.

Their main ingredients include caffeine, green tea extract, and yohimbe. It has side effects such as increased energy and alertness. They are the most popular type of cutting supplements are the most effective ones.

Appetite Suppressants: Appetite suppressants are a type of cutting supplements that work to decrease your hunger levels which result in decreasing your body fat by decreasing the number of calories eaten each day. However, appetite suppressants do not work directly to burn fat, as thermogenic cutting supplements.

Carb Blockers: Carb blockers are a type of cutting supplements that inhibits the rate of carb digestion and absorption. Meaning that when you eat carbohydrates, it will pass through your system without absorption. Resulting in fewer calories which drives fat loss.

Cutting supplements buyer’s guide


Budget is of the most important aspects you should consider before buying a cutting supplement. That’s because if you can not afford a particular supplement for a long time, what is the point of buying it in the first place?

There is a wide range of prices when it comes to cutting supplements. Look for the ones that are convenient and do the job that you want. There are simple cutting supplements and there are advanced. Depending on your budget, you would choose the best.


The dosage and concentration of each ingredient differ between men and women, bodybuilders and non-bodybuilders. Looking for the dosage that is right for you is crucial when choosing the best cutting supplement.

A supplement with 300mg of caffeine might be a bad idea for a non-bodybuilder woman. For that reason, you should look at the potency and concentration of each ingredient to make sure that it is suitable for you. Remember, quality over quantity.

Type of ingredients

When choosing the best cutting supplement, you should look for the type of ingredients that the supplement is manufactured from. If you get many side effects from much caffeine, you should look for a supplement that is stimulant-free.

If you are struggling to handle your hunger levels, you should keep in mind appetite suppressant ingredients.


When investing in a cutting supplement, you need to make sure that the brand you are buying has a good reputation and is effective. Getting a good and respectable brand ensures the results, quality, and sincerity of the product.

Avoid underground companies and the brands that make claims about a specific product without scientific evidence.


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In conclusion, cutting supplements are important and can be very beneficial to your fat loss journey through different mechanisms. Thermogenesis, appetite suppression, and carb blocking are from the most effective mechanisms.

Buying a cutting supplement is not essential to lose fat and get shredded. However, it might help speeding up the process and making it easier and more effective.

There are many types of ingredients and many types of fat burners out there ranging from caffeine-focused to carnitine and CLA-focused. Each product has its pros and cons regarding the type of ingredients it includes.

We have listed the best and the most affordable cutting supplements that are available on the market. Consider your budget, your purpose, and your needs before deciding which product is the best for you, and you are all set to go!

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