Best Adjustable Weight Bench: 6 Picks and Reviews

Weight benches are usually forgotten over other equipment like squat racks and barbells. But a high-quality weight bench can open up your home gym to more exercises to target more muscles.

Weight benches come in two different types: adjustable benches and flat benches. This guide below will show you the best adjustable weight bench you can buy online for your home gym.

Best Adjustable Weight Benches

When choosing our list of 6 adjustable weight benches, we used the factors above of Safety, Size, Comfortability, and Versatility.

We made sure to include weight benches in different price ranges as well. The benches below were highly rated from customer reviews and are all made from high quality fitness brands.

1. REP AB-5000 ZERO GAP Adjustable Bench

REP AB-5000 ZERO GAP Adjustable Bench

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REP is known for making great quality exercise equipment for fitness centers and home gyms. The reason why REP AB-5000 ZERO GAP Adjustable Bench is number 1 on our list is because of they listened to their customers and have made an innovate bench.

This adjustable bench is high quality and one of the most stable benches on this list, being made out of 11 gauge steel and holds a weight capacity of 1,000 lbs. This bench comes with 7 adjustment angles for the back pad and 4 seat pad adjustments that allows for the best comfort for the user.

This bench is one of the few to have a zero gap between the front and back pads, allowing for maximal stability and comfortability during exercises. REP has the option to pick between 4 frame colors.

The two features that set the bench apart from every other adjustable bench is the the reverse decline position and the leg holders attach to the opposite side of the bench. This fixes the issue of the leg holders getting in the way during lifts!


  • Zero gap between pads
  • Holds a weight capacity of 1,000 lbs
  • 7 back pad adjustments and 4 seat pad adjustments
  • Ability to add leg holders
  • Ability to pick from 4 frame colors
  • Has the ability to decline


  • High quality equipment and features makes this bench an expensive bench to buy

Who’s it good for

  • Those looking for the perfect home weight bench

Who’s it not good for

  • Those that have a tight budget

2. X-Class 1500 lb Weight Bench

Fitness Reality X-Class 1500 lb Weight Bench

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No list would not be complete without equipment from Fitness Reality. Fitness Reality does an amazing job of making high quality equipment for the home gym and they did an exceptional job with this one.

With a weight capacity of 1,500 lbs and being made out of 2” x 3” thick steel, this bench is the highest quality bench on the market right now. Not only is it heavy duty, but it’s comfortable as well with thick grade foam that ensures comfort and firmness during lifts.

The seat adjustment has seven different options to choose from with the ranges from -15 to 85 degrees.

The curl and leg lift attachment set this bench apart from other benches. This transforms an adjustable bench into a full body workout machine. There are few that offer these attachments but most of them are separate orders that you have to add on later. This add on comes with the bench to begin with.

The best part of Fitness Reality equipment is the ability to attach to other Fitness Reality equipment. With this bench you can add it to the Fitness Reality Power Cage or Squat Rack.

A downside to this bench is the height. The bench is able to accommodate users up to 6’4. While this is a great accommodation, this hurts the shorter user. Shorter users will have trouble planting their entire foot on to the ground for stability during exercises.


  • 1500 lb weight capacity rating (highest on this list)
  • 7 different adjustment angles
  • Curl and leg lift attachment comes with bench
  • Ability to attach to Power Cage and Squat Rack


  • Most expensive adjustable weight bench on the list
  • Shorter users have trouble touching the ground with their feet

Who’s it good for

  • Those that want a heavy duty bench that is made for heavier lifts
  • Those that want a full body workout equipment

Who’s it not good for

  • Those that have a tight budget
  • Shorter users that will have trouble touching the ground

3. Vulcan Prime Adjustable Bench

Vulcan Prime Adjustable Bench

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If you’re looking for a heavy duty, high quality adjustable bench this is the bench for you. This bench is made out of 3” x 3” 11 gauge steel tubing. For comparison, most benches are made out of 2” x 3”. The thicker steel tubing is a guaranteed that this bench is more durable and stable than others. With a weight capacity of 1,000 lbs this bench was made for heavy lifts.

There are not a lot of benches that have 12 seat positions for the back pads. This allows for the perfect angle and comfort during angled lifts like incline bench press and military press. The seat also adjust into 3 different settings.

One of the great features of this bench is the vinyl has a strong grip to keep you stable while exercising. Most competition benches use this vinyl grip type.

While this bench doesn’t come with a decline option, it’s a great low price for the adjustability and high weight capacity.


  • 1000 lb weight capacity rating
  • Made of thicker 11 gauge steel than most weight benches
  • 12 back pad adjustment angles (0, 10, 20, 30, 35, 40, 50, 55, 60, 65, 75 and 85 degrees)
  • 3 seat pad adjustment angles (increments of 15 degrees)


  • Adjustment settings do not have labels to show the angle
  • No decline option for the weight bench

Who’s it good for

  • Those that want a heavy duty bench that is made for heavier lifts
  • Those that want a high quality bench for a low price

Who’s it not good for

  • Those that want a bench that will be able to move into a decline setting

4. Rogue 2.0 Adjustable Bench

Rogue 2.0 Adjustable Weight Bench

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Rogue does a great job of listening to the feedback of their customers and redesigned their first adjustable bench series and made it at a lower price.

The Rogue 2.0 adjustable bench is made from the high quality 11-gauge steel. This bench offers 6 incline positions that range from 0 to 85 degrees. The seat comes with 2 adjustable positions.

Just like the REP adjustable bench, the Rogue 2.0 also has a zero gap between the back and front pad.

This bench does have the option to add a spotter deck for increased safety for those that are lifting heavy weights.

The only nitpicks I have with this adjustable bench is the handle to transport the bench is almost at the ground and the adjustment for the angles take more time due to the ladder adjustment style. The ladder adjustment style does lead to a more secure bench than the pins.


  • 6 incline positions and 2 seat positions
  • Zero gap between front and back pads
  • Option to add spotter deck


  • Expensive price
  • Low handle position to move weight bench around
  • No option for decline bench press

Who’s it good for

  • Those that want to loft heavy weights with a spotter

Who’s it not good for

  • Those on a tight budget

5. Ironmaster Super Bench Pro

Ironmaster Super Bench Pro

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If you’re looking for the most innovative and best all around bench, the Ironmaster Super Bench Pro is the perfect bench for you.

This bench is essentially an adjustable flat bench with an attachable seat that has two attachment positions. It has 11 positions between 0 and 85 degrees for the perfect angle for lifts and has the ability to move into a decline position by lying in reverse. Like other benches mentioned on this list, there is no gap between the front and back seat because of the detachable seat.

A feature that separates this bench from others is the floor seat adjustment. No more bending over to change bench angle positions.

The best feature, or should I say features is the ability to add on to the bench. This is a great feature if you’re looking to create a home gym with this equipment. The add-ons include sit up, dip bar, pull up, preacher curl, spotting stand, and cable tower attachment.

A downside to this equipment is the low weight capacity of 600 lbs. If you’re looking to lift heavy weights, this is not the bench for you.


  • 11 different bench positions
  • Zero gap
  • Ability to decline in reverse position
  • Foot pedal bench adjustment lever
  • Multiple add-ons to make the bench a home gym


  • Low weight capacity of 600 lbs

Who it’s good for

  • Those that want a bench that can turn into a home gym

Who it’s not good for

  • Those that want to lift heavier weights because of the 600 lbs of weight capacity

6. Marcy Adjustable Utility Bench

Marcy Fitness Adjustable Utility Bench

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Marcy Fitness has been producing equipment for over multiple decades and have built a great reputation with quality fitness equipment.

The biggest sale for this great adjustable bench is the very low price. Usually with a low price, this means lower quality and no adjustability but that is not the case with this one.

Marcy has created this bench to include incline and decline adjustability with 6 different positions.

This bench is made out of 14 gauge steel and holds up to 600 lbs of weight capacity making it a great quality weight bench for the price.

The downsides to this adjustable weight bench, is that the bench does not sit completely flat when in the flat setting and it does not come with a leg holder attachment.

Not having a leg holder attachment can lead to decline bench press becoming more difficult to perform because of the lack of stability.


  • 6 different bench positions
  • Low price for the great quality
  • Adjustable seat


  • Low weight capacity of 600 lbs

Who it’s good for

  • Those that are beginning to exercise and want to save money on a great quality adjustable weight bench

Who it’s not good for

  • Those that want to lift heavier weights because of the 600 lbs of weight capacity


Adjustable Weight Bench Buying Guide

Flat Benches vs Adjustable Benches

Flat benches do come a lower price and offers more stability with less parts. The obvious downside is the limited ability of exercises.

Adjustable benches are going to be more expensive than flat benches because of the design and functionality of the bench. Adjustable benches are made for all types of exercisers and offers a multitude of additional exercises compared to flat benches. Adjustable benches may come with additional add-ons like leg rest to give better stability to the user.


When looking into the safety of a bench there are multiple factors to look into to make sure the bench is safe for the exercises you will be doing. Quality of materials, stability, and weight capacity are the factors to look for when buying an adjustable weight bench.

Make sure your adjustable bench is made of high quality material. The material should be able to withstand damage and rust. High quality metal will be able to handle more weight capacity and offer better stability.

Stability is the most important factor when buying an adjustable bench. The two features to look at for a stable adjustable bench are the feet and the back pad. The feet should have a wide base to avoid tipping over. The back pad on some adjustable weight benches can become loose and unstable. Unfortunately, to find this out you will have to look at customer reviews.

When buying a weight bench, make sure you take your weight into consideration when looking at the weight capacity of the bench. As a reminder, always compare the price with the weight capacity. A bench that holds 1,000 lbs of weight is not going to cost $100.


Before you buy your bench, check the size of all the parts because at this point there is not a one size fits all adjustable weight bench. Every bench is made differently and for different populations. The main size measurements to look at are the height of the bench from the ground, the width of the pad, and the length of the back pad.

The height of the bench from the ground should be about 18″ off the ground. Unless you are a taller user, don’t buy a bench that is higher than 18″ because your feet may not touch the floor all the way.

The width of the pad is usually between 10″ and 12″, but sometimes they are as wide as 14″. I would suggest leaning toward 12″. A wider pad will hinder bench press because the users arms will be caught by the pad and shorten the range of motion of the bench press exercise. A shorter pad will allow for more range of motion but a the cost of less stability.

The last measurement to look at is the length of the back pad. I would only look into this length if you’re taller than the average person. Back pads are usually in the high 40’s of length. Take into consideration that some adjustable benches the back pad shortens when moved into an incline or upright position. In some of the benches below, they guarantee that certain height users will be able to fit on the equipment.


Comfort does make a ton of difference when lifting weights. Studies have found that the more you enjoy exercising the more likely you’re going to continue exercising. When choosing an adjustable bench, take into consideration the reviews of the pads and if it comes with a pad for the gap in between the front and back pads.

When looking at reviews, you want to make sure the pads are comfy and firm. If the pad is too soft for comfort it can cause the back to sink into the pad which can lead to incorrect spinal stability. This will place more force on the back leading to back pain.


The most versatile adjustable benches are the FID (Flat, Incline, and Decline) benches. A lot of adjustable benches don’t include the decline feature because for the cost you’re only getting at most 2 additional exercises. If you are wanting to do decline bench press and sit-ups then you will want the decline feature. If not, don’t buy a decline adjustable bench.

Another feature to look at with an adjustable bench is the number of positions the bench can move into. Most have the flat, 45 degree, and between a 70 to 90 degree angle. In my expert opinion, the more angles are for user comfort rather than functionality.

The last feature and personally my favorite is the leg holders. Leg holders allow for additional stability during heavy workouts. They also allow the user to do sit ups and decline bench press because of the additional stability. Leg holders can get in the way when exercising, but most come with the ability to remove the leg holders.


An adjustable weight bench can make a huge difference in your workout routine. With the ability to add more exercises and to take up minimal space it’s perfect for home gyms. Remember when buying an adjustable weight bench to take into consideration the safety, size, comfort, and versatility of bench. It could be the difference in achieving or not achieving your fitness goals.

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